Investment Management

Investment Management

Our goal is to develop a long-term investment strategy that remains flexible enough to take advantage of an ever-changing environment. Our approach is a balanced multi-asset portfolio that incorporates our best thinking with characteristics that fit our clients' unique circumstances.


Asset Allocation

Top down asset allocation combines asset categories to optimize the diversification benefits of less-correlated assets.  Broad categories of investment sectors as well as active and passive strategies are employed.

Dividend Growth Portfolio

For clients who desire both current income and opportunity for growth, our core portfolio focuses on the strongest companies which are committed to increasing shareholder wealth through the growth of dividends over time.  Our investment team selects companies based upon competitive position, financial strength, earnings growth, and increasing dividends.

Municipal Bond Portfolio

The development of a high grade municipal bond portfolio is an attractive strategy for many of our clients.  Our dedicated municipal investment team has a depth of experience in building and managing portfolios of individual bonds.

Tax Optimization

A philosophy of a low turnover, tax managed approach permeates our thinking.  Knowledgeable use of tax strategies and laws combined with state of the art technology permits us to quickly and efficiently manage these assets.

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